Sunday, 7 February 2016

What's On My Vashi Washi?! February 2016

I decided it was about time I changed up what was on my Vashi Washi Reel!
Before, it had lots of Christmassy and super wintery themed tapes on. So I decided to roll with the winter and Valentines theme. I also popped some on there that I haven't used in a while.

So from left to right...

Light Blue Lace Style Paper Tape - Paperchase (I think)
Neon Pink - Tiger
Doodle Ribbon Bunting - Cloudy Cow
Light Green Dots - Gifted to me
Plain Light Pink - Hobbycraft (I think)
Purple Lace Style Paper Tape - Paperchase
Light Pink Pattern - Paperchase
Gold Foiled Trianges - Cloudy Cow
Pink 'Admit One' - The Range
Green & White Triangles - Paperchase
Blue Clouds - Cloudy Cow

Light Yellow Dots - HEMA
Flim Strip - eBay
Light Blue Pencils - HEMA
Dark Yellow Dots - Wilko
Black & White Birds On A Line - Cloudy Cow
Mint Green 'Hello Sunshine' - HEMA
Thin Silver Glitter Tape - Cloudy Cow
Black & White Hearts - Cloudy Cow
Pink & Cream Dots Paper Tape - Paperchase
Blue, Turquoise & Cream Raindrops - Tiger
Dotty Hearts - The Range
Lilac Stripes - HEMA (I think)
Doodle Weather - Cloudy Cow

Gold Arrows - Paperchase
Pastel Green Paper Tape - Paperchase
Pink Strawberries - Cloudy Cow
Black & Pink Stars - Paperchase
Dark Pink Plain - Gifted to me
Silver Zig-Zag's - Paperchase
Wide Pastel Blue Paper Tape - Paperchase
Pink & Pastel Green Diamonds - Paperchase
Red Hearts Paper Tape - Paperchase
Light Pink Lines - Paperchase
Fruit - Cloudy Cow
Light Green Thin Stripes - Cloudy Cow
Kraft Heart & Cloud Doodles - HEMA
Pink Gingham - Hobbycraft (I think)
Grey Patterned Paper Tape - Paperchase
Heart & Clouds - Cloudy Cow
Gold Foiled Stripes - Cloudy Cow
Pink Stars - Cath Kidston
(Also the set of plain skinny rainbow tapes, which I always leave on there. They can be found on eBay)

So there you go!! These are the tapes that are on my Vashi Washi currently.
I find this little reel comes in very handy when you have a large collection of washi tapes, because it gets you to dig through them and pull out ones you haven't used for a while, or even forgot you had (yup... I found doubles whilst I was searching, oops!).

You can purchase the Vashi Washi here.

I'm pretty sure I'll have a shuffle around on my reel in a month or so! But for now I'm happy to have some different colours and designs to grab when I need them.

- Daisy X



  1. When I start to purchase more washi tapes then I'm definitely getting this 😊

  2. Im very jealous of your collection. I only have about 3. Think i need to buy more x