Sunday, 28 April 2019

National Stationery Week is Coming!

If you weren't already aware National Stationery Week is next week, from the 29th - 5th! You can take a look on the National Stationery Week website to find out more and join in with the daily hashtags for the week.

I will have a blogpost for each day next week to go along with each of the daily hashtags. You will finally get a peak at my new desk set up, as a lot has changed around since I moved!

I thought this was a good time to start things back up on the blog again. I've missed blogging massively! But between the big life changes and the other content I put out regularly, the blog had to take a back seat.  

I'm not going to ramble too much here, this blogpost is simply a 'Hi!' to let you know that next week there will be some content popping up on here.

I hope you will all enjoy celebrating everything stationery with me next week!

- Daisy X


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