Friday, 5 August 2016

Travelling Mail! [ TAKE PART & JOIN IN THE FUN!]

What is Travelling Mail? How is it different from normal happy mail? How can I get involved?

Travelling Mail is a type of snailmail (mail sent through the postal service, not virtually/online) that ultimately makes it way back to you. 
You set it off by sending it to a penpal, or to someone on the Travelling Mail Facebook group. They will add something to it, and then send it onto another person, that person will go through the exact same process, and so on. When it's full up and there's no more room for other people to add to it, the last person will get in touch with you to send it on it's last journey home!
I've found it to be one of the most interesting and rewarding types of mail to send & take part in.

There's two different types of Travelling Mail that I personally enjoy sending, those are Travelling Notebooks & Travelling Postcards. I've created a printable for both kinds, which are both available to download and print off in the Travelling Mail Facebook group.
On these sheets there is all the information you will need to attach to your notebook or postcard, making the whole process a lot simpler for you. Of course you can create your own rules for it, but I know not everyone wants to go through that process, and would prefer to just get on with setting their mail off on it's journey!

Below I have put together some helpful how-to's, which should help you get started. I've included things you will need, and a few tips you might want to take note of to make sure your travelling mail's journey, goes as smoothly as possible.

What you will need...
1. A small notebook. I'd recommend nothing bigger than a C6 sized envelope, as this will help to keep the postage costs down.
2. The printable info sheet. This is available on the Travelling Mail Facebook group
3. Something to attach the info sheet to your notebook. Use whatever floats your boat really! Just make sure it's somehow attached to the notebook.

REMEMBER - If you are using the printable info sheet's I've provided, you need to number your pages in your notebook! 
Just go through from front to back writing 1, 2, 3, 4 on sets of four pages. This makes it easier for people to know how much space they have to use, and also gives you a good idea of how many people will be able to take part.

What you will need...
1. A postcard. Or a few! I usually set off a couple at a time.
2. The printable info sheet. This is available on the Travelling Mail Facebook group
3. Something to attach the info sheet to your postcard. Again, use whatever you fancy! Just make sure it's somehow attached to the postcard, a paper clip or washi works the best for postcards.

So I hope that has helped to answer some questions about Travelling Mail! 
A couple of things to take into account when sending out this type of mail ... 
- If you are under the age of 18 please make sure you have got permission to share your address before taking part in anything like this.
- This type of mail can sometimes go missing, it happens unfortunately. But at the end of the day it's only a small notebook or a postcard, and a bit of postage you are loosing out on. So if it happens, it happens!
- If you are unsure of how much something will cost to post, always, always, always, ask at your local Post Office! It will save a lot of faffing in the long run.

 Please come on over and join us on the Travelling Mail Facebook group! The more people over there, the more places our travelling mail can visit.
I hope this all makes sense, if anything confuses you though, please ask!

- Daisy X


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  1. I absolutely love this idea ~ thank you for sharing!