Monday, 27 February 2017

My New Washi Storage Shelf!

It's been a long time coming, but I FINALLY have somewhere to store my pretty crazy washi tape collection (or hoard haha)!
Over the summer of 2016 I figured out exactly what I wanted in my office once I'd moved. I drew out a little doodle of what I had in my head, and took it to my dad who was watching TV downstairs.
After a bit of debating on what would be best to use, and some more doodles, together we had a design to use! We got the materials needed and I helped out where I could.

When I told him I wanted it to have ten shelves, he was slightly taken back ahah. But to me this would be a 'feature piece' in my office. Washi tape is something I know I'll always have a lot of, so why go small when you can go big, I had enough wall to fill! Everything else had been planned out in my office, the chimney breast was the last bit that didn't really have a purpose and I would have probably just gone with a mirror or a piece of art to fill the gap. Instead, I now have something which is practical & pretty! 

A lot of sanding, and painting later (thank you Jack for getting the last coat of Yellow done haha!), it's finally finished and up in my office! I love it. Like actually LOVE it, it's amazing! It turned out exactly how I'd pictured it in my head, and I still have three more shelves to fill hehehehe.

I'm most likely going to colour co-ordinate them all eventually, but for now I just needed to get them on there and out of the plastic bag that has been sitting on my office floor for the past few months.
Each shelf fits x63, 15mm wide washi tape's on, and with ten of these shelves... there's plenty of room!

My dad has considered making them to sell, so that's not completely off the table, so if anyone was interested then feel free to email me. But we would have to figure out the best way of going about it with postage, number of shelves & width etc.

Oh also you don't know how long it took be to find the 'perfect' yellow paint, I thought it would be easy, but turns out not many places do 'YELLOW yellow' paint ahah! It's all pastels and bland yellows. (for anyone who is wondering the yellow I ended up using was 'Lemon Burst' from Wilkos! Please note though, that I have upped the contrast a little on these photos so it's not showing the exact colour of the paint)

For those of you waiting for my full finished office tour, hopefully you will appreciate this little sneaky peak for the time being! 

- Daisy X



  1. Love it ! I want the same shelves !!
    As I'm in France, I think I can't ask your dad to create it for me...
    an explained drawing might be helpful...

  2. I love the washi shelf. I am obsessed with Washi Tape but never know how to store it. The shelf is such a pretty and practical solution. Just seeing all this washi Tape makes me happy

  3. I like such organizational methods that help you to organize your space and look good and fit your interior. I like how your shelf looks and I want to make the common one in my office. Also I think that it will fit the clothes room and maybe bathroom. What do you think?