Thursday, 19 July 2018

I Bought 500 Postage Stamps!

Whilst searching on eBay for old postcards, I came across bulk listings of used postage stamps from all around the world. I've always loved stamps, and when I sent lots of happy mail I would collect the stamps in a little book.
So when I saw these listings I just had to get one. They were all lucky dips and the prices did range. In the end I decided to get a pack of 500 for £3.00 (total bargain if you ask me!) 

When I shared a photo on my Instagram I got the question 'what do you use them for'. The short answer is, as ephemera.
But I'll use them in my journals, on happy mail, in my art and wherever else I fancy! Some have such beautiful pictures on them, I'm really tempted to cover a notebook in them!

I did in fact count them all, you know, just to check I wasn't being taken for a fool by the eBay seller aha! I received 504 stamps in this pack, there was a massive variety, with stamps from all over the place! It was so much fun looking through them all. I think my favourite thing about these stamps is the fact that they are all used. They all have the stamp on them to show you that they've been through the postal system. The fact that each one of these stamps has been on its own little journey across the world just fascinates me so much!

This one was one of my favourites, it had a holographic image on it. When I found it, it took me back to the days of collecting Pokemon cards and finding a shiny! This was the only one like this I could find, but I'm going to have to look online to see if it was part of a set or something.

These were some of my other favourites that I came across. Of course I picked some of the most colourful stamps in there. But I also loved the tree stamps on the right, they were all still attached to each other and the detail in them is just amazing. I'm going to definitely keep some of these for my own little stamp book so I can cherish them for a long time.

I loved finding stamps from the same collection in there too, there were so many butterfly stamps! In this photo there's two individual sets, which are both equally beautiful. The owls were again another set I'd love to look into, and see what the other ones look like, because they are just so pretty. 

If you are interested in the exact seller I bought them from, you can find a link to their eBay page here.

There's lots of sellers on there with many different sized bulks and prices, so shop around and see what you can find. They really do make great ephemera and you don't know what little gems you're going to find in the pack!

- Daisy X


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