Sunday, 9 September 2018

Shop Spotlight: My Pretty Week!

This week I am speaking to Lisa from My Pretty Week! She creates magnetic bookmarks, planner dividers and various other planner accessories!
How long have you been in business?
I’ve been open around 4.5 years now. The shop turns 5 next March which is pretty amazing considering opening the shop was a complete leap of faith.

Is this your full time job? If not what else do you do alongside it?
My Pretty Week is my full time (all consuming) job. I say all consuming because I usually work around 60 hours a week, but I find it more rewarding than working for someone else for less hours per week. I get to listen to audiobooks or my music full blast and make pretty things all day. Can’t beat that!

Outside of the planner/craft community, what is one of your other hobbies/interests?
I have recently fallen back in love with my adult colouring books. Colouring is a wonderful stress buster for me, it’s amazing how just putting some colour on a page can clear your mind.

(Unicorn Playing With Leaves Magnetic Bookmark, available here)

What planner/s do you use to stay on track?
I use an A5 ring planner as my brain. I regularly switch which planner (the binder part) I use but the inserts travel with me from planner to planner. I also use an EC Hourly mainly for work stuff, plus an A5 notebook as a master task/to do list.

Do all of your products feature your own designs? Or do you use external artwork to create them?
I use work from other artists for my products. Mostly from Etsy. I like the idea of my shop supporting other Etsy shops. Buying new designs for my shop is one of my favourite things.

What is one of your top selling products?
At the moment it’s the black Gothic Rose divider set. I wasn’t too sure that was going to sell with the skulls being such a prominent feature, but I put it in the shop because I really liked it.

(Gothic Rose Planner Dividers, available here)

Something you’ve learnt since you began running your shop, that you didn’t know before?
That it is possible to have a good working relationship with other shop owners even if they’re your competition. Shop owners are, in the main, supportive of one another. I’ve also loved watching the UK Planner Community grow and seeing other UK shops flourish.

One stationery item you can’t do without?
Ah man, just one? I’m torn between a black papermate inkjoy gel pen and a notebook. I’m going to go with a notebook.

(Modern Luxe Planner Divider Set, available here)

Quick fire Questions..

Fiction or Non Fiction? 

Fruit or Vegetables? 

Morning or evening? 

Rings or Strings? 

Picnic or Restaurant? 

If you want to check out Lisa's shop, or follow her on social media, you can find all her links below:
Etsy Shop
Instagram - @myprettyweek
Twitter - @myprettyweek

She's also provided an exclusive discount for you all! Use the code HELLO10 for 10% off orders over £1 (Doesn't expire).

I hope you have all enjoyed finding out a bit more about Lisa & what she gets up to over at My Pretty Week! Thank you Lisa for taking part in this blog series! 

- Daisy X


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