Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Desk Tour! - #WorldStationeryDay

As many of you I'm sure are aware by now, I recently moved back in with my parents following a break up. It's been a little bit of a process to settle back in, but I'm pretty much there and it feels really good to be back (despite the awful internet!). So for World Stationery Day I thought I would share my new desk set up! All of my stationery, in all of it's glory!
I will likely do a more in depth video at some point, but for now you can hopefully get a feel for it. It's a LOT smaller room, so I had to get creative with some storage and I spent a couple of days just moving furniture back and forward, trying out all the different furniture configurations.  

The room I've moved back to is also my bedroom, I no longer have my beautiful office space anymore. This came with a few issues because I had to fit a bed into the equation, plus I had to figure out where to put my clothes. 
I decided to sacrifice having a wardrobe in my room, so my clothes live downstairs in a spare wardrobe for the time being. This means that all my work and craft stuff can be together in this room. It's inconvenient, but the best option for now.
The above photo shows the main section of my desk, I still have my little filming space on the left hand side. Which has been such a great help when it comes to being productive. When there's a clear space to film or take photos I'm more likely to use it!
I also have one of my Billy Bookshelves to the right of the desk, with the desk push right up to it. This worked out pretty well as I still have all the storage space below, and one of the shelves is almost perfectly level with my desk so it creates a little extra room there.

To the left of my desk as I said there's space for me to sit and film videos, or take photos (I've moved the tripod in this photo though, so you can see things a little better). I have a little box seat tucked under my desk so I don't have to move my chair around the place. Because it's a box it also doubles up as a recycling box, so I have somewhere to separate all of that from my rubbish bin.
The cube storage to the left was a tricky one because they were so bulky, but I figured with the lack of space I might as well try stacking them vertically to see if I can get away with not loosing that storage space at all. It worked a treat! If it didn't I wouldn't have either of those in here.
All my planners & journals now live on here as that's the wall with the window on, so the sunlight doesn't hit them.

On my desk I have downgraded the amount of planners and journals I have to hand, I wasn't using them all everyday, and now I have the Billy Bookshelf to my right I can always grab some off there if I want.
I've kept my creative journal, my Bonniedori, some fineline pens (in an old shortbread tin), my Moomin mug of everyday pens and pencils, my iPad, accounts book, gratitude journal, art journal, list journal, brain dump and my project planner (The B6 Kikki.K). I also have my vase of fake flowers.
The rest of the space is taken up by the rainbow towers which house my pen collection, and various other smaller bits and pieces!

My washi shelf was definitely something that completed the room once it was up on the wall. I felt like I was finally all unpacked after it went up. Originally I wanted it straight in front of me, above my desk, but with the tower drawers it just wouldn't have fit. I'm happy with where it is now though as it's right beside me when I'm filming, so I can just grab what I need without leaving my seat.

I did have a little sort through of my planners when I got here, because there was simply not enough space for them all. These shelves have also become a space for little nick nacks, like the Biscuiteers box (which I've kept purely because it's so cute), and my jar of fake sprinkles that I'm yet to get round to using as a yearly memories jar!
I will have another sort through I think, and try to make it a little less busy. For now I'm happy with these shelves though, it's nice to look over to my left and see fun things.  

This shelf is at the top of the Billy Bookshelf that's to the right of my desk, it's my only other nick nack kind of shelf. It's where I keep most of my finished and 'in progress' type of journals. I have also got photos from past events pegged up too, and a couple of little mementos. 
I might eventually sort through these and pack some of the completed ones into a box for safe keeping so I can have a bit more free storage space.

For now though, that is my desk space! I'm happy with how it has turned out, though I do miss my office.
The first few months of 2019 have been a rollercoaster to say the least, but the break up and move was 100% the right decision. I'm happy again, I'm inspired, and I'm ready to take on the rest of the year!

I hope you have enjoyed having a little nosey around my desk, what's your favourite part of your craft space?

- Daisy X
*Please note, no products featured were sent to me for the purpose of this blogpost.


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  1. Love seeing your beautiful space! It's so inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing!