Saturday, 4 May 2019

Shop Spotlights! - #StationeryShopSaturday

I have decided to share three of my long term favourite shops with you all today! These are small businesses that have been doing what they do for a while now, and I have been a big supporter of for a majority, (if not all!) of that time. Every single one of them I know for a fact spends hours each day building their shop up to be the amazing places that they are today.
It wasn't an easy choice narrowing it down to just three, but here are the lovely ladies I wanted to share. 

First up I have one of my very good friends and an all round wonderful artist, Anna from Mrs Brimbles. I've known Anna for most of my 'creative career' and she has been a wonderful support along the way. She has an amazing worth ethic and brings out some wonderfully put together collections! 
You can buy her products separately, or the full collection as a 'Brimbles Box' which retails for £15.00, and includes things like journal cards, papers, and stickers. They are great if you want a corresponding collection to use on a journal spread or scrapbooking page.

If you join her Facebook group you can see sneak peaks on her future collections, plus she sometimes asks for ideas and feedback on themes.
She has been creating her own products for her collections for a little while now, and I personally love seeing what beautiful illustrations she comes up with each month. 

Next up I wanted to share Michelle and Patch, another amazing lady who designs all her own products! I've been a big fan of Michelle and Patch for a while now, and use her stickers in my journals all the time. They are so beautifully illustrated with so much detail put into each design, and the sticker paper quality is top notch!

She has recently branched out from stickers and has a few new items available, including desk pads, pencil cases and pins! Again all of them have been beautifully designed by Michelle. 
I think two of my all time favourite products from her have to be her stationery stickers, and the mail themed stickers. I can't even begin to count how many times those stickers pop up in my various journal spreads!

Last but by no means least is the lovely Crafty Ali! She is my go to for paper goodies, as she has such a variety on her shop. Along with Anna and Michelle, she also illustrates and designs some of her own products. 
I have been lucky enough to be gifted a few bits and pieces from her shop in the past, as well as a couple of purchases. Ali also prints all my postcards for my Patreon which are always brilliant.
She's great at what she does and if you are on the hunt for inserts or just some fun paper goodies, definitely take a nosey!

She has multiple listings on her Etsy shop for TN inserts, and you can customise everything about them. Paper colour, lines, blank, dots, etc. I'm always getting asked what inserts I'd recommend getting for a TN style journal, and I always mention Ali's shop. There's not many places that do them so customisable. 

Have you heard of all these shops before?

- Daisy X

*Please note, all the shops featured I have worked with in the past, but I have chosen to share them as I genuinely stand by what they do and would recommend time and time again.


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